Sydney, NSW, Australia

0404 748 285


Seeking a career that offers flexible development paradigms to further my knowledge in web-based applications, to learn new techniques along the way, and to create innovative and elegant websites.

And having fun along the way.

Skillsets and Knowledges

  • PHP 4 & 5 + Zend Framework
  • NodeJS
  • Javascript, JQuery / Dojo, AJAX
  • Apache, nginx
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress

Work Experiences

Office of State Revenue 2012 Feb ~

Analytic Programmer. PHP5 (ZF + legacy) Wide range of roles from implementing new features, to bugs involving complex financial analysis, to analysis of future software design paths.

Solution4 2011 Apr ~ 2011 December

Senior PHP5 developer. Complex financial software for various clients all over the world. Zend Framework-based with plenty of legacy code and obscure business logic.

Freelancer 2010~11

Worked for numerous clients, developing PHP5 websites.

Squiz Australia 2010

PHP4 development, working on top of in-house applications with MySource Matrix Classic. Heavy contact with permanent clients, implementing new major features, and fixed existing bugs from a legacy system.

DevProducts 2006 ~ 09

Development of wide range of websites using basic PHP, in-house MVC framework, and Zend Framework. Responsible for management of company linux servers, hosting a large and varied client base. Continued research into code optimisations and other performance improving methods for serving websites.

Examples from Freelancing

Examples from DevProducts


Many of my unlisted projects and forks are hosted on github.


University of Sydney

B.Eng (Software Engineering)
~3 of 4 years completed

  • Project Management (advanced)
  • Software Development (advanced)
  • Cryptography (basic)
  • Electronics / circuitry (basic)
  • And other engineering principles
  • Languages: C, C++, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Shell(bash) (not in order of preference)

References are available upon request. Example code are viewable via github.