Sydney, NSW, Australia



I'm a PHP-based full-stack web developer who leans towards backend, and specialises in bring modernity to legacy systems and improving existing performance + remove bottlenecks. I have extensive experience in translating complex business requirements into scalable, efficient software.

Skillsets and Knowledges

  • Languages: PHP (4/5/7), JavaScript (NodeJS + browser/JQuery/ReactJS)
  • Web Frameworks: Symfony 2/3, Silex 2, Zend Frame 1, Express.js
  • ORMs: Doctrine 2
  • Server-side: Linux-based, docker
  • Databases: MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite
  • CMSs: Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla
  • VCS: git, svn

Work Experiences

VentureCrowd 2017 July

Senior/Lead Developer

  • Symfony 2/3 in PHP 5.6
  • Docker-based deployment strategy
  • Integration of modern external SAAS endpoints
  • Team lead for developers

Office of State Revenue 2012 Feb ~ 2017 May

Analytic Programmer, Fines Enforcement CRM for NSW Government

  • PHP4/5-era mixed code, both legacy and ZF1
  • SOAP-based and non-standard integration with 3rd party organisations (both internally and externally) e.g. Service NSW
  • Modernising legacy pre-php5 code to run performantly on latest PHP versions without breaking anything
  • PostgeSQL performance improvements via proper indexing and query optimisation, eliminating batch overruns
  • Migration into using composer-based dependency
  • Migration into vagrant-instance-able code
  • Unit testing
  • Consultancy with architect / infrastructure from full stack point of view
  • Usual bug fixes + feature enhancements
  • Batch support (24/7 on-call support)

Solution4 2011 Apr ~ 2011 December

Senior PHP5 developer. SENRO (Mortgage sales/comparison application for brokers)

  • Modern PHP5 code (at the time)
  • Large financial system

Squiz Australia 2010

Developer, MySource Matrix Classic

  • Legacy PHP4 system
  • Liasing with permanent clients (e.g. The Hotel Network)
  • Implemeting features / bug fixes in an extremely legacy system

DevProducts 2006 ~ 09

Developer, various

  • Wide range of websites based on PHP
  • Development of in-house MVC framework, eventually moving onto ZF1
  • System administration (Linux machines) + training other developers


Many of my unlisted projects and forks are hosted on github.



Project Management (Cert IV)

University of Sydney

B.Eng (Software Engineering)
~3 of 4 years completed